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How It Works

Step 1

Download Our App

Visit your app store and download the Gooi Gooi app to your smartphone.

Step 2

Create An Account

Sign up for Gooi Gooi by creating an account with your personal details and cell number.

Step 3

Create or Join A Group

Create your own savings group or choose to join one you have an invitation to.

Step 4

Choose Your Own Rules

Decide on the savings and lending rules for your group, including how much to save, when to meet, and how to handle penalties.

Step 5

Invite Group Members

Invite friends, family or colleagues to join your savings group by sending them an invite from within the app.

Step 6

Conduct Group Meetings

Start saving money into the group pot and lend money to other members when needed, and keep track of it all using Gooi Gooi.

About Gooi Gooi Stokvel Saving Solution

Gooi Gooi is a mobile-based digital savings solution that improves the operational efficiency, multiply return on savings, and promotes financial education among ISGs (Independent Saving Groups like Stokvels, SILCs, VSLAs etc.).

It is designed based on simple principles of lending and borrowing prevailing among various ISGs.

Gooi Gooi aims to boost household income, production, processing, and marketing through increasing financial independence of African women.

Join us today and discover the convenience and benefits of Gooi Gooi’s unique offering.

What is a Stokvel/Savings Group?

A stokvel is a type of savings club found in and around South Africa. Members of a stokvel typically pool their money together and make regular contributions, with the money being distributed among members at specific intervals, such as monthly or annually.

Stokvels are often used for purposes such as saving for a specific goal, such as a holiday or a down payment on a house, or for investment purposes. They are also used as a way for members to access credit. Stokvels can be informal or formal, and they can be based on a variety of different models, such as rotating savings and credit associations (ROSCAs) or chit funds.

Gooi Gooi Features

Our platform makes it simple for groups to keep track of their money, be more open about their financial records, and make the transition from informal to formal financial inclusion.

Let us help you reach your financial goals!

Transparent Record-Keeping

Our app offers peace of mind by keeping all records in one place, ensuring accuracy and consistency between meetings.


Automated calculations streamline meetings, supporting users through loan disbursements and repayments, and all other regular savings groups transactions.

Scalable Groups

Our app adapts to your saving group's requirements. Easily invite an unlimited number of members to join your group.

Flexible Solution

Our platform offers two distinct funds: the Main Fund and the Social Fund - both of which can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

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