Investment Clubs


Property Investment

Fracprop is an innovative startup dedicated to dismantling barriers in the realm of property ownership and investment. Their primary objective is to enable communities that have traditionally been excluded from the advantages of real estate ownership and investment. They firmly believe that everyone deserves the chance to partake in wealth-building assets, and their purpose is to transform this vision into tangible results. The goal at Fracprop is to make property investment as simple, transparent, and straightforward as possible.

  • Property ownership investment accessible to all, regardless of background or financial status.
  • Their team of experts focus on sourcing high-yielding properties, providing their investors with a robust potential for return on investment.
  • Through fractional ownership, they’re able to offer investment opportunities at a fraction of the traditional cost. For as little as R100 (One hundred) Now, everyone has the chance to be a property owner and investor.
  • After investing, they take care of all the property related tasks, so you can sit back and watch your investment grow.

SAKHISIZWE Property Stovel

Property Stokvel

Property Investing allows investors to enter the real estate market. For those without time or experience to manage properties, earning passive income is possible through Sakhisizwe Property Stokvel. With a skilled property team, they invest in high-yield properties across South Africa. Despite economic challenges, membership has grown, creating income for individuals. As property purchases decline, there is increased demand for rental accommodation, which the Stokvel seeks to fulfill. Membership offers education and partner benefits. Starting at R10,000, anyone can become a member via the StokFella app.

  • Property is a tangible asset. You can see where your money is.
  • Property can be passed on to your children and family as an inheritance.
  • Property appreciates in value (capital gains).
  • Property allows you to earn multiple streams of income.
  • There is no limit to earning potential with property. Unlike a salary.
  • Property allows you to earn a passive income.”

Ekasi Noble Properties

Property Stokvel

Ekasi Noble Properties is a property and development company that strives to empower individuals from Ekasi and beyond by offering a convenient means of property ownership. Entering the market as young and new property developers was no easy feat, but they persevered and achieved success through their approved developments in Johannesburg. They are determined to create a lasting impact and transform their own lives, granting everyone the chance to become homeowners. Even individuals who have been blacklisted can find assistance through their innovative solutions. The current situation entails numerous individuals residing in back rooms in Soweto and other townships. For many, this is not a matter of choice but a consequence of their poor credit scores resulting from past mistakes during their upbringing. As a result, they find themselves unable to qualify for purchasing a new home. Ekasi Noble Properties is dedicated to supporting individuals in such circumstances, as well as those with good credit scores seeking investment opportunities.

  • Ekasi Noble properties can turn you into a proud homeowner.
  • They assist you in becoming a landowner.
  • You can become an investor with their guidance.
  • They provide support even if you are blacklisted.
  • Ekasi helps you build a strong and lasting network of individuals.”

Kopano Collective Stokvel

Investment Club

Kopano Collective emerged as a stokvel in June 2019 and subsequently transformed into a 100% black-owned investment company. They recognized a prospect to actively engage in the economy by generating funds via crowdfunding. Unlike traditional stokvels, which were primarily established for purchasing consumable goods, their stokvel operates as an investment entity. It serves as a means to invest in pivotal sectors of the economy, fostering asset ownership and generating wealth for their shareholders.

  • Affordable investment contributions of R50 a month
  • Opportunities for skill development
  • Potential job opportunities within the organization
  • Access to returns on investment as a shareholder”


Investement Club and Bank

Axalio enables smart investments to their community members by presenting them with the world’s best opportunities through the platform, both for traditional and digital assets or blockchain-based financial markets, catering to both crypto and non-crypto investors.

  • Axalio provides accessible global investment opportunities for all investors, regardless of financial market expertise, catering to various risk levels and preferences.
  • Access both traditional financial markets and cryptocurrency/blockchain-based investment opportunities for instant and diverse investment options.
  • Co-venture invest with just USD 100 in diverse projects like mining, Agri-based ventures, real estate, healthcare, insurance, FinTech, and crypto, for potential high returns and a digital future.
  • Drive positive change and protect the environment by investing in sustainable projects that support communities, eradicate poverty, and align with the world’s sustainable development goals.
  • Axalio offers dedicated wealth and portfolio management services, tailoring investment portfolios to suit your financial needs, lifestyle, and medium to long-term strategies, guided by expert advice to achieve your goals.


Investment Club

Their mission is to propel Africa forward through crowdfunding, facilitating digital connections between African entrepreneurs and global investors for shared success. For interested investors, they present the chance to invest in early-stage, high-potential African businesses. All the necessary due diligence has already been taken care of by them. Explore their carefully curated collection to find investment opportunities that pique your interest.

  • Money back guarantee if the campaign doesn’t reach its target.
  • Each campaign they list is hand picked and goes through a thorough due diligence process, giving you peace of mind when choosing from their growing collection of campaigns.
  • With a minimum R1,000 investment, you can get started and join in on the exciting opportunities.
  • Investors won’t have to worry about any fees, as there are none associated with participating.
  • Explore a diverse range of sectors and discover the various industries you can invest in.